OC Waterloo: the company

One of Europe's most respected producers of air terminal devices.

Waterloo B.V. is founded in 1971 as the European factory for Waterloo Air Products plc. from the UK. In 2011, the shares of this company have been sold. The Dutch and the English factories work up to today closely together in production and product development and sell products manufactured by each other.

Waterloo B.V. became part of ‘Orange Climate’, a group of factory’s who can supply everything needed for buildings when it comes to healthy air. Air handling units, ducting, fire dampers, plenum boxes, VAV’s, grills and diffusers and more.

Waterloo BV is still the official company name, registered by the Dutch government. Because we are part of Orange Climate we changed our trade name to “Orange Climate Waterloo” (OC Waterloo). 

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