Unique partnership

Orange Climate Agri and KE GrowAir deliver 365 days a year cultivation guarantee, 24/7, regardless of the location of the greenhouse.

Two expert on air handling & air distribution combine their forces to revolutionize indoor climate for greenhouse and vertical farming. With our concept we won the Impact Award 2019 on Greentech. What does this partnership bring?

Homogeneous climate 

By means of an air distribution hose with patented 'diffusion holes' specially designed for greenhouses, a more homogeneous climate is created in the greenhouse. With a proper balance between the static and dynamic pressure, the air discharge at the start and end of the air distribution system is more uniform than with other systems.

EfficiĆ«nt air distribution 

The patented air hose system is supplied with a high inducing distribution pattern. This ensures perpendicular discharge from the air hose and a very good mix of blown-in air with air already present in the greenhouse.

Entrainment is one of the biggest causes of poor air distribution in the greenhouse. This is an undesirable parallel air stream alongside the air distribution hose. It usually arises from air distribution hoses with standard holes. There is a shortage of air at the start of the air distribution hose, due to the oblique air exit, and at the end there is an excess of air.

Low crop temperature 

Thanks to a proper balance between the static and dynamic pressure and the patented hole pattern, the air discharge at the start and end of the air distribution system is more uniform. The high air discharge speed and maximum mixing of blown-in air with the much cooler air between the crops makes the temperature high in the plant much lower than with other air distribution systems.

Lower energy consumption 

Thanks to the single hose concept and a balanced mix between the selected ventilator and the air distribution hose, the ventilator's power consumption is significantly less, resulting in lower overall energy consumption.

Simple assembly 

You only need to install one hose, that will save you assembly time. It weighs a lot less, meaning that the suspension structure can be made lighter. When replacing the hoses, you only need to apply half the environmental tax for disposing of the waste plastic.

365 days a year cultivation guarantee

A good greenhouse with technical installation is not a guarantee for an optimal crop production 365 days a year 24/7. Anyone can introduce air into a greenhouse, but creating, distributing and retaining the desired air conditions is what we distinguish ourselves from. Because the solutions of KE-GrowAir and Orange Climate Agri reinforce each other, we are able to supply installations that deliver an optimal growing climate at every location in the world. 24/7 throughout the year.

Additional benefits are:

As separate organizations, KE GrowAir and Orange Climate Agri offer good products which in themselves ensure a better climate and energy saving. However, our unique collaboration offers you the opportunity to achieve an optimal growth climate 365 days a year, to keep full control over the climate conditions and to save energy considerably.

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