Reduce energy, CO2 and HFC with PCM in buildings

Maximum comfort, minimum costs

The heat stored in " Phase Change Materials (PCM)" is a natural source for temperature control. Just picture the cooling energy stored in ice, if you could control this stored heat in buildings within "the human temperature comfort zone" energy savings would be instantly. At OC Autarkis we have engineered phase change at any temperature. Together with our customers our partners and the combined knowledge of indoor architecture climate control, air distribution, building mechanics and product development, we are successfully using PCM for building power reduction, energy saving, CO2 reduction and cooling without (or less) HFC gasses. And so we are doing our part in achieving the goals from the recent 2016 Rwanda Summit to scrap super greenhouse gasses. Our PCM products are helping buildings to become fully self-sustainable and truly green. Our PCM products are of course supported by leading sustainable methods as BREEAM.

PCM in buildings: how does it work?

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