Introducing ADK, your solution for efficient outdoor ventilation and roof protection.

Crafted with precision, our ADK aluminum roof cowls feature meticulously designed sloping louvers with integrated water barriers, ensuring optimal protection against rain ingress. Equipped with bird mesh as standard, these cowls offer both functionality and convenience with easily removable roof plates and a built-in drip ledge to channel excess water away.

Designed to meet your specific requirements, ADK comes in various configurations to suit different ventilation needs. Whether you need horizontal intake, vertical exhaust, or a combination of both, ADK has you covered.

Customization is key with ADK. Choose from a wide range of RAL colors to match your aesthetic preferences. Select the appropriate bird mesh option for your environment – whether it’s galvanized, stainless steel, or plastic. And with options for insulated roof curbs, mounting accessories, and lifting eyes, ADK ensures seamless integration into your building design.

But ADK isn’t just about functionality – it’s about performance. With recommended air intake and exhaust velocities carefully optimized for maximum efficiency, ADK delivers superior airflow while minimizing energy consumption.

Experience the difference with ADK – the ultimate choice for reliable, high-performance outdoor ventilation and roof protection.

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