Introducing Vacctec: The Ultimate Solution for Ventilation, Cooling, Condensation Drying, and Heating

Looking to take charge of the environment in which your products are stored? Look no further than Vacctec, the complete machine that combines ventilation, cooling, condensation drying, and heating to create optimal storage conditions.

Vacctec employs condensation drying instead of traditional cooling techniques, ensuring no additional moisture is introduced. This makes it perfect for storing products like onions and bulbs, where moisture content is crucial.

With an impressive cooling capacity of 250 kW and the ability to store up to 660 tons of onions, Vacctec delivers unparalleled performance. Furthermore, it’s easy to control via a storage computer, giving you complete command over storage conditions.

Not only is Vacctec powerful, but it’s also energy-efficient and entirely gas-free, making it a sustainable choice for any business. With free cooling based on outside air and a ventilation capacity of up to 180,000 m3/h, Vacctec strikes the perfect balance between performance and efficiency.

Choose Vacctec and enjoy optimal storage conditions for your products, backed by advanced technology and reliable performance. Contact us today and discover what Vacctec can do for your business.

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